Definition and advantages of photovoltaic self-consumption

Why choose photovoltaic self-consumption?

Thanks to the constant evolution of technology, we are now able to produce energy in an eco-friendlier way.
Opt for a more responsible way of using energy and increase your autonomy. Make the most of solar energy.

Self-consumption is becoming accessible to all

Though it used to be produced in order to be sold back, solar energy can now be used by private owners. Save money while maintaining your comfortable lifestyle thanks to the sun’s green energy.

The price of electricity will go up by 5% each year in the next 10 years

It has already gone up by 47% in France in the last 12 years, which means a 4% increase per year.

Neither EDF nor the government can keep selling electricity at a loss. This means that, without even mentioning the exponentially-rising exploitation costs, EDF will have to invest 200 billion euros in nuclear energy in the next 10 years -to cover the costs for fairing, landfilling, the construction of new EPR plants.

What is really self-consumption?

To get a clear idea of what self-consumption is, one needs to understand that electricity acts like a fluid, the same as water. Digging a well allows the family that owns it to enjoy it for several generations, and in the same way, installing self-consuming solar units means not having to buy from suppliers the electricity that was produced in situ. If at certain hours (during the night, for example), the solar production is not enough, the supplier can help fill the gap between the energy produced and the energy needed.

If the solar units produce more electricity than is used, the supplier can buy out the surplus. When using a well, the management of resources is a major problem. Indeed, if everyone takes big amounts of water, the neighbours are left with nothing.

When it comes to solar energy, however, the source cannot dry up. This is a huge advantage, and it means a lot of fresh opportunities for “custom-players” (customers who are active players in their energy saving).

For water, all that I pump into my well, I do not have to buy it. And for solar?

It’s exactly the same for the electricity you produce.

Can one produce one’s own electricity in France?

Yes, it is legal to produce electricity. And what’s new since 2014 is that it’s profitable now.

Self-consumption is actively supported by French public authorities.

Since 2017, a new pricing has been introduced for solar photovoltaic.

It ensures an investment premium for self-consumption photovoltaic set-ups destined for private owners and companies.