Services dedicated to users of Comwatt self-consumption solutions

Services offered to our users

Follow your performances in real time

  • Anywhere at any time! You can always access your energy performances from your dashboard
  • A user-friendly, convenient interface which allows you to check the activities of the day, the week, the month…
  • This analysis will allow you to maximize your savings and to be in total control of your energy production.

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Do I have to be at home to see my energy dashboard?

At home, at work, on vacation, a simple Internet access is enough to see everything and control everything from a distance.

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I just bought an electric car. How to charge it to solar?

No problem, Madam. We will do it together.

A customer service that is available and responsive

Do you need help?
Do you have a question on how to use your devices?

Our customer service is here to answer you. You can also contact our assistance centre online from your Comwatt interface.

A mobile app that accompanies you everywhere

  • Find your dashboard on our mobile app
  • Get notifications when one of your devices is consuming too much energy
  • Turn your devices on and off remotely.

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