Switch to photovoltaic self-consumption in 5 simple steps

Do not worry yourself, Comwatt takes care of everything

Switching to photovoltaic self-production has never been this simple!

Step 1

Your free personalized study.

Step 2

Comwatt connects you with certified installers.

Step 3

Installation of your self-consumption solar kit.

Step 4

Comwatt checks that the installed equipment is fitting and running smoothly.

I have an electric cumulus, a gas stove and a lot of appliances. Comwatt’s solution is it suitable for me?

Yes, it is adapted. With the simulator, in a few clicks, we design for you a tailor-made solution.

Step 1

Your free-of-charge personalized study

Each situation is unique. Thanks to our online simulator, we are able to recommend you with a solar option that is best suited to your needs.

  • Get an estimation of your possible savings in just 1 minute.
  • Let us recommend you on the size of your photovoltaic set-up according to your energy needs.

Step 2

Comwatt connects you with certified installers

After having simulated your savings, you can choose which type of personal support to get from us in your photovoltaic self-consumption project. One of our 300 certified technicians then visits you at home.

  • Checking that your home’s features match with your simulation’s details
  • Giving you personalized recommendations about the installation, the day-to-day management and the maintenance of your solar set-up.
  • Offering you with an adapted material option and a self-consumption software: solar panels on the roof, smart management module, monitoring software…
  • Helping you find a payment arrangement suited to your needs.

I hesitate between 3 installers.

The installers that Comwatt presents to you are certified. On average, customers rate 4 stars out of 5 of the delivery service.

Why hesitate?

I want to switch to solar energy, but I refuse to remove my tiles!

In solar autoproduction, no more need to remove the tiles … more sealing problems.

Step 3

Installing your solar self-consumption kit

The installation is directly done by your photovoltaic installer, who is trained and selected according to our strict quality criteria.

  • A maximum of 48 hours for the installation
  • Personalised configuration of the installation
  • Test and control performed by the installer before the production is launched.

Step 4

Follow daily your real-time energy production and consumption

As you are now self-producing your energy, you can effortlessly check on your savings thanks to our mobile app.

  • Display in real time your energy self-sufficiency.
  • Get notifications when a device is using too much electricity
  • Need help? Our customer service is available and ready to answer any of your questions.

How to visualize my savings?

With a smartphone, everything becomes simple, clear and easy to understand.

Get your personalized, free-of-commitment simulation in just one minute