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The pack is a necessary addition to your photovoltaic set-up

With photovoltaic panels, this innovative patented solution allows you to measure your devices’ electrical consumption and to remotely control them to use your locally-produced electricity to the maximum and to reduce your use of the public grid.

Control and management box of electrical consumtion

This module is at the heart of your self-consumption set-up. It allows you to regulate the heating system and your electrical devices depending on your solar production.

  • An easy, automatic installation
  • Optimized self-configuration depending on the type of box you get
  • Management of the devices according to your automatic or manual programming
  • A 15-year equipment warranty
  • Designed, developed and assembled in France
  • compatibility with Google Home

Comwatt Box - Made In France


Current clamps

These clamps measure energy consumption and solar production at your electrical cabinet.

  • 2 to 3 current clamps depending on their type
  • Adapted to a single-phase or three-phase installation
  • With a 2-year warranty

Smart plugs

Smart plugs can measure your devices’ consumption and turn them on and off. They allow the Comwatt system to collect data concerning the devices’ power usage.

  • Z-Wave+ technology, which does not require extra cables
  • Maximum power allowed up to 3000W max
  • A 2-year warranty

An integrated measure and management module

This integrated module can measure and manage your devices with no plugs, such as electric heating, air conditioning, ovens and boilers.

  • Real-time measure of energy use up to 16A
  • Z-Wave+ technology
  • On and off function
  • 2-year warranty

Module to manage the heating system

Comwatt offers a complete solution to manage your heating system, allowing you to lower your electricity bill while maintaining your level of comfort.

  • Option with a connected thermostat and a thermostatic valve
  • Z-Wave+ technology
  • A 2-year warranty

Home automation modules

Comwatt offers security and comfort home automation accessories, compatible with all of its energy managers.

Remotely monitor your house indoors and outdoors, control your Air-Air PAC with one finger, control your roller shutters and your gate.

You can now combine energy savings and connected home with an all-in-one solution.

A kit dedicated at 100% to energy savings

Without any photovoltaic panels, this kit which is connected to your electrical devices allows you to measure their electricity consumption and to remotely control them

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