Produce and consume your electricity through solar self-consumption

Comwatt Power
Our offer that is all about solar self-consumption

Produce and use your own power thanks to our smart management of energy consumption

Our offer for a hybrid self-production with a smart management of the electrical grid and without any batteries will help you lower your energy bill by up to 70% while remaining connected to the public network.

Display of your power usage, for the entirety of your home as well as per device

Remote control of your devices via your smartphone, tablet or computer

Real time smart notifications for unusual and abnormal amounts of power usage

Automatic management of your device’s consumption while in standby mode

Management of the sporadic production of renewable energy

Prioritization to consume locally-produced energy

Smart planning of your devices’ consumption, to make them use the energy at the right time

Access to the Comwatt users’ community, to share your power consumption levels and compare it with similar users so you can all find how to best manage your energy

And the rainy days?

If the panels do not produce enough energy, it is the public grid that provides the missing energy, without loss of comfort. And rainy days … free cleaning.

Save up to 50% with solar self-production

The energy consumption is directly connected to the building’s photovoltaic system, so that you use the energy you produce. The system stays connected to the grid in case you need to buy some extra electricity to sustain the building’s power needs.

Add up to 20% to your savings by using active efficient energy use

It means optimizing your energy consumption by getting rid of energy waste, through managing your energy usage and controlling your electricity-consuming devices depending on your power usage.

The Comwatt Power offer acts like a “dip system”, offering energy only when needed, without any waste.

If I do not install solar panels, can I still reduce my bill?

In this case, you can reduce your bill by up to 20%.

You’re making savings. But you have to take the lead with the management no?

No. The initial configuration and use are 100% automatic. I still have time for music!

Easily lower your consumption

With the active efficient energy use, the Comwatt Power system self-learns your lifestyle habits.

At the same time, it analyses your consumption and adapts itself automatically to your power usage all the while helping you save money and energy.

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