Self-consumption kits and solutions for individuals consumers

Optimise your solar self-consumption

We offer economical and eco-friendly options which do not reduce your level of comfort, by using a “smart management” of your photovoltaic production and your electric devices.

Solar energy is the cheapest energy on the market. Its resale stopped being profitable in 2014, when the purchase price reached a low €0.10, while the resale of battery-stored energy is not profitable yet. With Comwatt technology, “smart” self-consumption is now the best option for anyone who wants to lower their electricity bill while maintaining their level of comfort.

I manage and optimise your energy use

Comwatt Power turns on and off your devices according to your level of production of photovoltaic energy.

Thanks to the standby mode used on your devices, your energy use is reduced at the hours where you produce less, which can make you reduce your electricity bill by up to 70%.

Several energy-saving modes are available to you, to better suit your lifestyle.

I measure and monitor your electrical devices

You have access to your energy consumption in real time on your phone, tablet or PC.

This function allows you to reduce up to 8% of your energy usage and up to 6% of your water usage per year.

I notify you in real time

With every device you connect to Comwatt Power, you add to your consumption profile.

When a device’s electricity consumption goes over a certain threshold, several alert levels allow you to choose the right option (automatically or manually).

I answer to your voice

Do you have a Google Home? Simply ask it(1) questions about your self-consumption. It will answer you about your consumption, your production and your daily savings

(1) Available soon

I make your life easier

Our set-up can be easily and quickly installed thanks to its wireless technology.

It has never been so easy to save money!

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