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French manufacturer leader for self-consumption boxes

How did the idea for Comwatt come to you ?

I was under the shower after a hot sunny day of July in Montpellier in 2010, when I started thinking about the technological advancements humanity had gone through so that I could take a shower. This gas warming the water, for example, has crossed all of Europe, going from Russia to my boiler. As an engineer, I admire this kind of technological performance, but as a responsible citizen, I wondered why we would burn gas to warm up water in the middle of July, even though we had been blasting the air conditioning all day in the office and the sun was blazing high in the sky.

Gregory LAMOTTE, Président Fondateur de la société Comwatt

Burning up Russian gas in Montpellier was the cheapest way to get hot water

This answer gives way to more questions: Why was it cheaper to burn up gas than it was to use renewable energy ?

    2 main reasons according to me:

  • Solar energy used to be very expensive in 2010
  • Renewable energy is not produced at the time when private owners need to use it

In 2010, I was working for one of the trailblazers of solar energy in Europe and I had just been told in confidence that international manufacturers were about to invest 1,000 billion euros in solar panel factories, which meant that the price was about to go down quickly, as per the famous Swanson law. I did not have to intervene and yet the issue of the production price would be solved for me (and indeed, after 10 years, it ended up being just a 10th of its former price.).

The price would soon no longer be a problem, but the issue of matching offer and demand remained. So, I monitored technological advancements worldwide, to analyse which existing technologies could help solve this problem. After a trip to Stanford university in California, I felt quite desperate when I realized that batteries for home installations could not be sold at a competitive price before 2035. That’s when the idea of using connected objects to move the energy around became quite obvious, which led to the creation of Comwatt.

(1)Swanson’s Law on Wikipedia

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At Comwatt, we believe in “happy ecology”

Depuis longtemps, certain présente l’écologie à travers un angle culpabilisateur avec des phrases toute faite :

  • ““you need to choose between your comfort and wasting electricity”
  • “don’t use your car so much”
  • “having air-conditioning or a pool is so harmful and selfish”
  • “it’s irresponsible to take a shower more than once a day”
  • “getting solar panels means creating jobs in China”
  • and so on…

To fight against these reductive falsehoods, Comwatt relies on 2 great opportunities which are presented to the user:

  • The lowered production price of photovoltaic electricity
  • The decentralized production of energy will create a lot of local jobs which cannot be relocated: “the money stays home”

These 2 good news items mean that you get to have your cake and eat it, you turn the chore of energy-saving into good news and you win on all accounts.

A new opportunity in terms of Security and Profit
You learn in the media that the price of energy is about to rise exponentially. What will you do? Stay passive or act against it?

The savings you will make by investing into a power generator easily make up for the investment it represents. This way, you prepare for your future and make sure that the rising price of electricity will not affect you in the next few years.

Nowadays, renewable energies can combine comfort with energy savings
Are you badly affected by the heat, but hesitant to buy air conditioning because of how much energy it uses up?

It is not a problem. Just add a few solar panels and a smart system to make the air conditioning solar-dependant, for a cheap air-conditioning system.

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