Lower your electricity bill by up to 70%

Thanks to solar self-consumption

for free and without any commitment


A simple 30-minute set-up, with a very intuitive use


Over 18000 clients all around France are already satisfied with our offer thanks to our 350 certified installers


For just 1 more Euro, become a producer and start using your own solar energy

An all-in-one system

We take care of everything at every step of your self-consumption project

Why get started with photovoltaic self-consumption?

Because producing your own electricity is much cheaper than buying it.

  • The price of solar energy is now at a 10th of what it was 10 years ago.
  • It is nowadays more profitable to use energy directly where it was produced than it is to sell it to an energy company or to store it.
  • Self-consumption has become the de facto choice for French people who wish to turn to solar energy for their home.

The only problem that needed solving was to allow their products to use the energy at the exact moment when it was being produced.

Ask the leader of the French market for self-consumption and the smart management of electrical usage to help you

Our solutions optimize your consumption.

  • Properly-adjusted hours of consumption.
  • Monitoring of your most consuming devices.
  • Smart management of your electrical devices.
  • Energy waste lowered to the maximum.
  • A maintained level of comfort.

The weather is nice. Solar production is important.

Perfect. I turn on the radiators in every room of the house.

I dream of producing my energy but I have no money to invest.

Don’t worry. The self-consumption kit from Comwatt is self-financing ! Produce your energy for 1 € more than what you pay today.

Your self-consumption is self-funded

Turn to self-consumption without increasing your current energy bill.

  • A profitable, self-funded project.
  • An average saving of 360€ /year.
  • No monthly subscription.

We accompany you at every step of your project towards self-consumption

Comwatt presents me with a personalized project for self-consumption, adapted to my situation, for free and without any commitment.

We connect you directly with one of our 300 certified technicians, who visit you at home in order to examine your project with you and make you an offer for a personalized plan, as well as help you with the funding.

The installation is completed by your assigned photovoltaic installer, who is trained and selected according to our demanding quality standards.

Comwatt controls remotely the quality of my solar energy set-up, and my Comwatt equipment has a 15-year warranty.

You are now self-producing your energy. This option allows you to save money and to keep track in real time of your energy self-sufficiency.

It is complicated ? I do not know where to start ?

It’s super simple. Don’t worry. I will do it for you in 2 clicks. Look…